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Do you require air conditioning contractors? KTM Solutions provides design, installation, repair and maintenance of air conditioning systems in Brisbane, Ipswich & surrounding areas. KTM Solutions has a reputable twenty-year backing in the market. Our air conditioning contractors are qualified and certified. We meet industry standards every job, every time.

At KTM, we understand the need for an efficient air conditioning system for your home or office. Queensland heat can be quite taxing on your comfort and sense of well-being. When you use a fan, you might end up spending more on your energy bill. Plus, a quick escape to the closest shopping centre does not solve the ongoing heat issue. The best solution is to invest in a reliable air conditioning system. Air conditioning provides relief from pestering heat in the summer while providing a reverse cycle for heating during the cooler months of the year.

KTM Solutions specialises in ducted air conditioning for its many benefits. You can deal with the heat and humidity in one go with the use of ducted air conditioning. Ducted air conditioning maximises the air flow of your space. In this system, the rooms (and combinations of them) are divided into zones, allowing you to select which areas to cool down. Ducted air conditioning is much more effective than other air conditioning systems.

KTM Solutions Air Conditioning

KTM Air Conditioning Brisbane Services:


We can install a completely new system or upgrade an existing one. There are three main types of ducted air conditioning systems – conventional, inverter and digital scroll.


We can thoroughly clean the condenser and evaporator coils, ensure the system has the correct refrigerant charge, check and tighten electrical connections, flush the drains, check, clean and repair the ductwork.


It is good to address issues before they become larger problems. We will inspect your air conditioner and recommend any repairs to help extend the life of your air conditioner and ensure maximum energy efficiency.

What should I consider when choosing an air conditioning contractor?

Your home might be one of your most valuable assets. That is why it’s important to engage someone who has the right experience and certifications.  A certified installer should be able to:

  • Install the system securely
  • Meet your requests, preferences & needs
  • Use materials and equipment in excellent condition
  • Use the right materials and equipment, such as the appropriate wiring
  • Provide a manufacturer’s warranty
  • Install an energy-efficient system that works in pair with your current electrical installation
  • Provide a certificate of compliance
  • Show evidence of knowledge and expertise by answering any questions or concerns you might have about the design, installation or more.
Ducted Air-conditioning

KTM Solutions has serviced the Brisbane community for many years. Our reputation is reliable, and our work is excellent. KTM specialises in ducted air conditioning, which provides many benefits for the home and for your pocket, too. Ducted air conditioning is a cost-effective solution that provides comfort for you and those that matter to you.

Having the right air conditioning system in your home will not only save you from the burning heat but also give your wallet a breather.

How do I know if the unit being installed is right for me?

When it comes to installing the air conditioning unit, our team is experienced and will consider many elements to ensure your unit is just right for you.

Some of the questions we might consider include:

  1. How big are the rooms where the system will be installed?
  2. How many people will benefit from the unit?
  3. What current electrical system is in place? How can it work to benefit your air conditioning system?
  4. What size should the unit have? The unit should have just the right size to provide the desired results.
  5. Are there any current cooling or heating devices? Are they effective?

KTM Solutions specialises in treating our customers with excellence! Since we are experts at electrical work too, we can ensure that the system we install works with your current electrical installation. Our priority is to install the most energy-efficient system.

Every installation is unique. KTM understands that every client has specific needs and budget. We can work with you to supply a highly customised air conditioning solution. We will consider both cooling and heating to serve you not only in the summer, but also throughout the year.

Why work with KTM?

The KTM team is full of professionally licensed installers. This means we not only meet the legal requirements and standards for our services, but we also ensure that the space is clean and that you are happy with our work. We provide thorough service to all our clients. First, we start with a consultation to understand your specific needs or requests. Then, since we design the solar units, we ensure the sourcing of the right unit and wiring. We use the highest quality products and tools for the job at hand. KTM Solutions can also help you prepare in advance and organise regular servicing for your unit. We do our utmost to remove hassles and concerns. That way, all you get to do is enjoy your new air conditioning system. Air conditioning Brisbane.

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A: KTM Solutions your Brisbane Electrical Services Company. We can start working with a client even before they are sure of what they want. We want to hear your concerns and expectations for all Electrical, Air  Conditioning & PV Solar System so we can help you think through options and make sure your system is not simply custom, but personalised.

A: It’s helpful to know you are using Qualified Technicians, all of our staff are trained Licenced to cover all Electrical, Data, Air Conditioning and Solar. We are CEC Accredited in Solar Design and Installation. Triple Certified in Health & Safety, Quality & Environment as well as Gold Master Electricians.

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