We install Air Conditioning unit and ducted work in Brisbane and surrounding areas in SEQ. Ducted air conditioning provides a discreet, unobtrusive way to effectively cool your home by hiding the unit outside the house out of view. Enjoy your home again, in this hot weather with a brand new working air con that will optimise the airflow in your house with our Services! Rooms (and combinations of rooms) can be divided up into zones effectively allowing you to choose which areas are cooled and which are not at any one time. This allows for cost efficient cooling off the property as you can cool living areas during the day and bedrooms at night.

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We can install a complete new system or upgrade an existing one. There are three main types of ducted air conditioning systems – conventional, inverter and digital scroll.


We can thoroughly clean the condenser and evaporator coils, ensure the system has the correct refrigerant charge, check and tighten electrical connections, flush the drains, check, clean and repair the ductwork.


It is good to address issues before they become larger problems. We will inspect your air conditioner and recommend any repairs to help extend the life of your air conditioner and ensure maximum energy efficiency.

What is Ducted Air Conditioning?

Ducted air conditioner is a type of air conditioning unit where the conditioned dehumidified air is pumped into your home via ducts and vents placed in the ceilings, walls or floors, wherever they are required to supply optimal airflow to the home.

Rooms (and combinations of rooms) can be divided up into zones effectively allowing you to choose which areas are cooled and which are not at any one time. This allows for cost efficient cooling of the property as you can cool living areas during the day and bedrooms at night.

Ducted zone control is a cost effective alternative to installing multiple units across a residential or commercial space. A ducted air conditioner can be utilised to heat or cool your home to your preferences, sending conditioned air to the areas you know will benefit from ducted comfort. Running expenses are a real concern for many customers; ducted zone control empowers you to regulate your own space according the unique needs of your home or business.

What is Ducted Air Conditioner?

Why Choose Ducted Air Conditioning?



Invariably, a ducted air conditioning system is more expensive than a split system. However, its primary advantage is that it’s a solution that will cool the whole of your property. Centrally controlled by way of a thermostat, it allows you to maintain an even temperature throughout.
The benefit of maintaining an even temperature is that it’s kinder to your flooring, furniture and pets.

Some ducted systems can also be zoned, depending on the model you install. This means that you can turn off the cooling in some rooms that you may not be using. Alternatively, a zoned ducted system enables you to potentially cool different rooms to different temperatures. A zoned system is, as a general rule, more costly than a standard ducted system.

Like their split system counterparts, some ducted systems also have the option of being reverse cycle units capable of heating your home in winter. If you elect to install a ducted reverse cycle system, you would avoid the additional cost of installing a heating system and bypass the need for multiple ducts in each room. This makes for a more aesthetically pleasing outcome. However, that said, it’s a costlier option.

Arguably quieter and more efficient when in operation, a ducted system makes sense where you plan to stay in a property for a long time. Whilst there is a greater initial outlay, you maximise the chances of recouping the costs of your investment over time.


Ducted systems are not without their limitations either. A ducted system can only be installed where there is adequate space for ducting, making them unsuitable for certain structures. Critics of ducted systems also point to the fact that you are paying for the unit to cool the whole building when you might only need to cool a few rooms. Unless you opt for a system that enables control via Wi-Fi, smartphone or tablet connectivity, the controller is normally hard-wired to a wall and lacks the convenience and portability of a remote control. However, your choice to install a ducted system adds to the value and marketability of your property.

Ducted Air-conditioning

What are the main types of ducted air conditioning systems?

Conventional Ducted Air Con Systems

Conventional Ducted Air Conditioner Systems come at a lower initial investment, which is useful if you’re on a tight budget. The negative of this type of system is that sometimes temperature control can vary and the power consumption can be a fraction higher.

Inverted Ducted Air Con Systems

Inverted Ducted Air Conditioner Systems are quieter than the conventional design and use less power. Their ability to slow the compressor speed when there’s less need for huge cooling capacity help them maintain a more balanced temperature while using less electricity.

Digital Scroll Air Con Systems

A digital scroll compressor’s simple, continuous modulation results in precise temperature control. These compressors also reduce compressor cycling, which ensures a longer life expectancy for the air conditioner unit and its equipment.


A split system is an air conditioning system where part of the system (the condenser) is located outside the house, usually on an external wall. The rest of the system (the head unit) is located inside, normally fixed to an interior wall or as a floor-standing unit. A ducted air conditioning system differs from a split system in that the entire unit is concealed, usually in the roof space of your property or housed unobtrusively outside the property. The cooled air is then directed to multiple rooms or zones within the building via a system of concealed ducting. Only the vents are visible.

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