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KTM Solutions is a family-owned business that has been operating for over 20 years. We provide electrical services, Air Conditioning Services and Solar Services in Greenbank.

We are committed to providing quality services at affordable prices. Our team of experts are qualified and experienced in their fields, and we always go the extra mile to ensure our clients are satisfied.

If you are in need of any of our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to help you out.

Our Greenbank Electrical Services

At KTM Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing the quality electrical services to the Greenbank area, helping you to never go without power and lights. Our qualified technicians are all trained and licensed to cover all electrical services. 

Appliance Repair & Installation Greenbank

Are you starting to see several appliances in your home breaking down, or electrical fixtures starting to fail inside your home or property? You might be due for an electrician visit. However, with so many electricians to choose from, it can be hard to know whom to trust. And once you do find a good one, how do you know they’ll be available when you need them?

You might not know this, but faulty wiring is the leading cause of house fires. Faulty appliance installation can also cause issues in your electrical system, leading to fire and accidents.

KTM Solution is the answer for you. We are a team of experienced and qualified electricians and a trusted resource for appliance repair and installation. We have a team of qualified electricians who are available 24/7 to help you with your electrical needs. We offer competitive rates and our Appliance Installation is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Air conditioning Installation Greenbank

Every year, more and more households acquire air conditioners. The air conditioning repair business is always ready to assist with even the most complex and costly systems. Thus, it would be best to get help from professional air conditioning services to ensure that your home fixture investments are installed properly.

There are a few reasons why you should consider hiring a professional for installing, removing or repairing air conditioning units. First, they have the experience and expertise to get the job done right. Second, they can save you time and money. Installing an air conditioning unit yourself can be difficult, costly and most of all dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Professional air conditioning services have the tools and experience to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

With KTM Solution, you have reliable and affordable Air Conditioning Services, repair, and maintenance available 24/7 to help you with your needs. We cut no corners in getting your air conditioner up and running so you can avoid the aussie heat.

Commercial Electrician Greenbank

In today’s fast-paced environment, any period of downtime translates to revenue loss. Work must be completed quickly and correctly the first time around. KTM Solution strives to correct all commercial electrical difficulties as soon as possible, so you can get back up and running as soon as possible.

KTM Solution will offer you the knowledge and tools you need to make educated judgments regarding your commercial electrical repair and maintenance requirements. To improve the security and productivity of the electrical systems in your commercial facility, KTM Solution has the answers.

Electrical commercial services are a must when it comes to property security and employee safety. They also help you save money in the long run by helping you reduce your energy expenses.

We offer a wide range of services ranging from upgrading, electrical solutions, and preventative maintenance to ensure that your job meets code and is completed on time. Our practical and efficient solutions will ensure that your project is up to code and finished on time.

KTM Solution electricians are the most experienced and competent electrical contractor in Huntersville, offering high-quality electrical services with a personal touch. Their team of professionals is committed to delivering excellent results for a wide range of electrical problems, from small issues to major concerns.

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Smoke Alarm Installation Greenbank

Smoke alarms are a must-have for every property. If you have smoke or carbon monoxide poisoning, there’s no time to waste. You and your family can be safe in seconds if you call us now! Our team of Smoke Alarm Installation experts is here to help with the installation, servicing, and maintenance of the system.

We’re experienced with providing smoke alarm system installations for both new construction and retrofits. We’ve developed a reputation as a well-respected vendor in Greenbank and across Brisbane. We can design your entire installation plan, from start to finish, ensuring that everything is installed correctly and completely. Every system is tested and verified before it’s finished, so you can rest easy knowing your smoke alarms are installed and working properly.

Test and Tag Greenbank

Testing and labeling your electrical equipment is an essential component of ensuring that your workplace is safe and in keeping with electrical regulations. KTM Solution test and tag Greenbank services offer trained experts who are skilled at reducing electrical hazards while also lowering the hassle and cost to you and your company.

At KTM Solution, we understand that minimizing disruption to your team and office is critical. That’s why our experts make every effort to be as inconspicuous as possible.

Not all gadgets need to be tested daily. Some electrical equipment, such as electric drills, must be tested every few months. Other devices, such as desktop computers, may only require testing once or twice each decade. We’ll show you how the authorized testing and inspection process works to help you decide which devices should be tested. So that you can make informed decisions about what devices to test.

Smoke Alarm Installation - KTM Solutions Electrical Services

Lighting Installation Greenbank

KTM Solution is a team of electricians that specializes in adding interior illumination to help achieve that dream-like aesthetic you desire for your house. We understand that indoor lighting is an important part of interior design, but it can also cause a significant dent in your electrical bill.

For that reason, our staff works with families and businesses to install lighting that is appropriate for their lifestyles and budget. Our electricians always put your needs first, so you can be certain of 100% satisfaction. With our help, you may feel confident that the work will be completed correctly the first time.

Our team is here to assist you with any lighting installation requirements, whether you want to personalize the illumination or improve your home’s energy efficiency. Our electricians are highly trained, licensed, and skilled in all types of lighting installations, no matter how big or little they are. We’re a trustworthy and client-oriented company dedicated to delivering the best possible lighting installation service to your home or property.

Ready to finally address every electrical need in your home. KTM Solution can help. Contact Us today to learn more about our services and offers.

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