For experienced, honest and no nonsense professional electrical services in Aspley chat to our team at KTM Solutions for: 
  • Electrical Upgrades 
  • Electrical Testing 
  • Switchboard Upgrades 
  • Appliance Installation 
  • Smoke Alarms 
  • Lighting Solutions 
  • Wiring Replacement 
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Domestic Electrician Helensvale

Do you need a domestic electrician in Helensvale?

Are you having trouble with your electrical appliances? Do you need to have an old-fashioned light socket replaced with a modern one? Are you constructing a new building and need someone to ensure all the electrical wiring is up to par? Then we’re your best choice!

KTM Solutions is a local electrician service that specialises in domestic electrical installations and repairs. We can repair or Install any electrical device or system for your home. With our experience and know-how, we can help make sure that your house is wired correctly so that you can live safely and comfortably. 

We are also well-versed in solar panel installation in Helensvale, so if you want to start saving money on your power bill, KTM Solutions can help.

If you have any questions about what we do, please call us at (07) 3813 0067 or request a quote.

Appliance Repair & Installation Helensvale

Our technicians have the knowledge and expertise to get your appliances back in working order, from oven repairs to washer and dryer services.

Regardless of the fault, how long or how many visits it takes, or how much time it takes, we offer a fixed-fee repair service for appliances and washing machines. You don’t have to worry about hidden costs. Book a consultation or call us today!

We provide installation and repairs for the most commonly used electrical appliances like:

  • Cooktops
  • Dishwashers
  • Stoves
  • Ovens
  • Hand dryers
  • Washing machines
  • Air conditioners
  • Clothes dryers
Smoke Alarm Installer Brisbane - KTM Solutions

Air Conditioning Services Helensvale

Too much heat or too much cold is bad enough when you’re out and about, but it’s even worse when you can’t find comfort in your own home! That’s why you should call KTM Solutions for all your air conditioning needs in Helensvale.


We don’t just say we’re the best—we prove it. We’re confident that if you give us a chance to install a new system or repair your old one, you’ll see why so many people in Helensvale choose KTM Solutions for all their air conditioning needs.


We install and service split air conditioners, replace old units with new ones, repair broken units, install new units, and more. We are also factory-trained and certified to repair all makes and models of air conditioners. We also specialise in providing 24/7 air conditioning services to ensure that our customers are always comfortable!

Don’t sweat it—give us a call today!

Commercial Electrician Helensvale

No matter what kind of business you run, you need to know that your electrical systems are safe and reliable. So when you’re looking for a commercial electrician in Helensvale, don’t leave it up to a toss of a dice—call KTM Solutions. 

We provide guaranteed services at an affordable price, so you can keep your building’s electrical systems in top shape without breaking the bank.

Your business needs to be up and running as much as possible—and any downtime is costly. With KTM Solutions, you’ll always get fast response times, same-day services, and 24/7 availability in emergencies. 

Our team of commercial electricians will make sure your building stays compliant with Australian standards to minimise the risk of any issues or downtime. And in case something does happen, we’ll be on hand to help you repair it ASAP.

We offer a wide range of commercial electrical services for businesses in Helensvale and the surrounding areas: installation, design, repair, maintenance, and more! So whether you need a quick fix or help with a new project, call our friendly team today for a no-obligation quote.

Conor from KTM Solutions - Electrical Testing Services
Professional Smoke Alarm Installation Brisbane

Smoke Alarm Installation Helensvale

Smoke alarms are necessary, but choosing a suitable one isn’t always so straightforward. There are many different fire alarm systems, and it can be challenging to determine which one is the best for your home or business.

At KTM Solutions, we make it easy for you to get set up with the right alarm system for your needs. Our experts can help you decide which alarm is best for you and can handle smoke alarm installation in Helensvale. Call us today to set up a consultation.

The team at KTM Solutions are trained experts who can help you choose an appropriate fire safety system that matches your business needs. You’ll have peace of mind knowing you have a trustworthy Helensvale team working towards fire safety solutions.

You shouldn’t take the risk of fires lightly. Install smoke alarms in your home and have them regularly inspected by a professional to ensure they’re functioning properly and that you’re ready to respond in the event of an emergency.

Looking for electrical services? Contact KTM Solutions today.