For experienced, honest and no nonsense professional electrical services in Indooroopilly chat to our team at KTM Solutions for: 
  • Electrical Upgrades 
  • Electrical Testing 
  • Switchboard Upgrades 
  • Appliance Installation 
  • Smoke Alarms 
  • Lighting Solutions 
  • Wiring Replacement 

KTM Solutions has more than 20 years experience in providing quality electrical services in Indooroopilly and surrounding areas. With over 50,000 jobs completed for happy clients, our team has the expertise and knowledge to assist with any of your electrical needs.

We are committed to helping you get back up and running with our reliable and responsive breakdown services and emergency work available 24/7.   

Our Indooroopilly Electrical Services

At KTM Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing the quality electrical services to the Indooroopilly area, helping you to never go without power and lights. Our qualified technicians are all trained and licensed to cover all electrical services.

Electrical Upgrades

Electrical upgrades for all your needs whether it be residential, commercial or industrial. Whether your Indooroopilly property is older and requires upgrading or you are wanting to expand your home or commercial space, it is important to make sure that you have a high standard of electrical work.

We work with you in all stages from reviewing your existing systems to the design of the new systems and implementation, you can rely on our team to partner with you every step of the way.

Renovations - Electrical Services KTM Solutions

Electrical Testing

We keep Indooroopilly businesses and homes up to date with our electrical testing and preventative measures. We provide a range of different electrical testing services including emergency and exit lights testing, globe replacements, smoke alarm testing, thermographic scanning, electrical test and tagging, safety switch testing and rental property maintenance and repairs.

We ensure that you are up to date with State and Federal regulations in your businesses, keeping the safety of your staff and visitors at a high priority.

Switchboard Upgrades

At KTM Solutions, we are well familiar with the risks and hazards of out-dated electrical switchboards and poor electricity within the home. Switchboards generally last a few good years however, if your switchboard is warm to the touch, smells funny, trips regularly or your lights flicker, it could be a sign that you need a new switchboard and electrical panel.

Old homes too will use HRC Fuses or circuit breakers, not Residual Current Protection Devices (RCDs). If you do not currently have one installed chat to our team and we can help you upgrade your switchboard. 

Complete Home Lighting Solutions - Residential KTM Solutions Electrical Services

Lighting Solutions

There are many improvements you can make to your Indooroopilly home feel more comfortable, functional or affordable. Electrical services such as improving the lighting in your home can improve the overall look and feel of your space. This can be the inclusion of new lights both inside and outside or changing the position of your existing lights. 

Appliance Installation

Need to install a new appliance in your home or business? Our Indooroopilly electrical team provides a full range of appliance installation services to help you get set up quickly. Whether it is a straight forward connection, an additional power point, an upgrade or an electrical tariff change, we ensure your appliance is correctly fitted and working.

Smoke Alarm Installation - KTM Solutions Electrical Services

Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are a vital part of safety in your home. Having smoke alarms in various locations around your home including bedrooms, living spaces and hallways, will allow for fast and effective fire detection, possibly saving lives. Our team can help you find the perfect smoke alarm solutions for your Indooroopilly home or business. It is important to ensure that your smoke alarms are properly installed, maintained and checked regularly.

Wiring Replacements

Replacing your wires at home helps to keep your home protected for years to come in the future. Having new and modern wiring in your home means that your systems can keep up with evolving and developing technology as well as keeping your family safe from the chance of spontaneous fires. 

Wiring Replacement

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