Smoke Alarm Installation, Replacement & Repair

Professional smoke alarm installation Brisbane

KTM Solutions has provided smoke alarm installation Brisbane services for over 20 years. We are known for our reliable, fast and friendly service and offer a full 10 year warranty on parts and labour (including emergency callouts).

Now that has been mandated that homes have an alarm in each room (see below), it’s important your smoke alarm installation is done properly with the highest quality smoke alarms available. There’s not much that is more annoying than a ‘nuisance’ alarm going off in the middle of the night (or any time really). We pride ourselves on choosing the best smoke alarms and installing them correctly so you can trust then to work as they should.

Professional Smoke Alarm Installation Brisbane
Smoke Alarm Installer Brisbane - KTM Solutions

Why Choose Us?

  • 20+ years working in the community and experience with smoke alarm installation Brisbane
  • 10 Year Warranty on all Smoke Alarm Installations Brisbane – covers emergency callouts as well
  • We provide free quotes on your property. We can answer any questions you have.
  • Smoke Alarm Installation for:
    • All residential homes
    • Class 1A and 1B buildings
  • One-off and / or ongoing maintenance of smoke alarm systems with:
    • Annual reporting
    • End of Lease Reporting
  • Data recording for home owners and property managers including:
    • Serial Numbers
    • Photos

Ensure Your Smoke Alarm System is Compliant with the Latest State Legislation

As of January 1, 2022, all rental properties must have an interconnected alarm system installed. This means that when one alarm goes off, all alarms in the residence go off. Each bedroom in the property must have an alarm.

The professional electricians at KTM solutions offer reliable and the highest quality smoke alarm installation and electrical services to homes and business across Brisbane and most suburbs in Southeast Queensland. We have 20+ years’ experience and the trust of hundreds of thrilled customers.

We can check your existing smoke alarm system to make sure it is compliant with the 2022 legislation. If it’s not, we will give you an on-the-spot quote for an upgrade. Our priority is your safety and installing a smoke alarm system you can rely on.

People who own and live in an existing home have until 2027 to meet these requirements. It’s always best to be compliant as early as possible so you can avoid a last minute rush and appointment challenges.

Smoke Alarm Installation Brisbane

Smoke Alarm Frequently Asked Questions

If you have an alarm going off at random times for no apparent reason, first check to make sure there isn’t steam or high humidity of any sort near any of the alarms in your house. Did someone just take a shower? Did you cook some food that generated a lot of steam? Are you burning incense?

If you can’t determine any reason why your alarm(s) are going off randomly it is potentially a sign that the smoke alarm system installed in your home or business isn’t the highest quality. It’s possible the alarm is being tripped by a slight surge some energy companies use to turn on off-peak systems. We can do an analysis to determine the cause, but it’s likely you have a sub-par smoke alarm installation on your hands. Our smoke alarm systems will not do this – we guarantee it!

In any case – do NOT disconnect your smoke alarm system. Instead, get in touch with a smoke alarm installation expert as soon as possible.

Smoke alarm systems are connected to the power in your home. They each have a battery installed to ensure the alarm works if the power goes out.

If you hear a short, loud beep (or chirp) coming from one or more of your smoke alarms it most likely means the battery is low and needs to be changed. If you change the battery in the noisy alarm it could be one of the following issues:

  • The battery may be loose
  • The battery pull tab wasn’t removed after installation
  • The alarm may be too close to a bathroom or the kitchen which can emit steam and water vapor
  • The smoke alarm needs to be reset – new alarms are complex little computers these days and it’s possible the processor has accumulated a series of errors that need to be cleared
  • Drastic temperature changes
  • The alarm may be faulty and might need to be replaced

You should only install high-quality batteries in your smoke alarm system. Quality batteries still need to be replaced every 12 months to ensure your home or property are safe.

Some smoke alarms use lithium batteries which are built into the unit and cannot be replaced.

Smoke alarms must be replaced every 10 years by law.

The green light means that your smoke alarm is properly connected to the power in your home. If you don’t see the green light on any of your smoke alarms it means the power has been interrupted and it is running solely on battery power. Check your circuit breaker first to make sure a circuit hasn’t been tripped. If all is well in the circuit breaker you’ll need to get in touch with a professional electrician who can inspect and fix the issue.

A photoelectric alarm is able to scan for and detect particles generated by combustion. They are very effective at detecting smouldering fires.

You shouldn’t install a smoke alarm system yourself – always get a professional to take care of this task for you.

A professional smoke alarm installer will make sure of the following:

  • Smoke alarms aren’t installed near windows (drafty air can cause issues with smoke alarms)
  • Smoke alarms aren’t installed in ‘dead air’ spaces where smoke can’t reach the alarm
  • Smoke alarms should be installed between 50 – 150cm from the highest point in your property
  • Smoke alarms must be installed outside each bedroom
  • If the home has multiple floors, smoke alarms must be on each floor